Saturday, August 13, 2016

L'Orèal Cushion Foundation & Cushion De Soleil Bronzer

So this summer I have been hearing a lot of hype about L'Orèal Cushion Foundation & Cushion De Soleil Bronzer, as I'm sure most of the rest of you have too. Being the makeup addict that I am, I couldn't let a trend like this go un-purchased, so I went ahead and decided to try both of these products.

So, before I go into what I think about the product itself, I have to say something about the price because if you do see this product in the chemists, you will notice that it probably the most expensive foundation in there. The RRP for both the foundation and the bronzer in Boots is currently €22 and the amount of product you receive in both cases is 14.6g. 

Given that L'Orèal True Match foundation retails for €14.99 for 30ml, this is quite a hefty price tag for what you get. In saying that you can get quite good deals in both boots and Superdrug, with 3 for 2 offers on quite frequently. Superdrug are currently running a promotion of £5 off these products for health and beauty card holders online, which can also be combined with their 3 for 2 offers (this is what I did, I love a bargain!!)

Now that we have that out of way, I LOVE these products!! The colour I got in the foundation was Porcelain 1 which is the lightest shade and although in the swatch above it appears too light, believe me, my face is much lighter than my hand, so its a perfect match. A hidden gem which many people might not notice, because its identified on the back of the packaging, is that the foundation actually has an SPF of 29. 

The coverage is light but build-able and it goes on so smoothly, giving a dewy finish that's not too shiny in oily areas. I find the bronzer is the perfect shade to warm up the face but also create structure, which is hard to find, and that it blends out really easily leaving no harsh lines. For application I don't use the sponge provided, so I'm not sure how well that would work, instead, I use a synthetic buffer brush and I find it applies wonderfully, 

So to some up, would I recommend these? 100%, but I do think they are quite expensive compared to other products on the market. Would I buy them again, yes....if they were on offer!

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Avene Skincare

Hey Guys,

I had been suffering very badly with my skin over the winter months, although every year I get chapped lips and some drying, this year it seemed like everything was going wrong. The main symptoms I suffered with was dry chapped skin not only on my lips but around them and what appeared to be a rash on my chin, which I tried to treat with my eczema cream, but that seemed to make it worse. It came to a head in December when I eventually went to see my doctor. It turned out to be a skin infection, and to my surprise the "rash" was in fact adult acne.

I was lucky enough as a teenager not to suffer with acne badly, but this had left me with a lack of knowledge on how to treat it as I thought I was out of the woods when puberty had become a distant memory. Given this new information I asked my doctor what I should use on my skin and I think you can guess by the name of this post what she suggested. She told me to use the Cleanance range by Avene which is specially formulated for acne prone skin. Avene focuses strongly on the use of hydrotherapy in dermatological treatment. All of Avene's products are based on thermal spring water, to quote their website:

"The brand is centered around Avène Thermal spring water and its soothing properties.    Originating as rain, the water filters through the Cévennes Mountains absorbing precious minerals and trace elements for 40 years until it reaches the mouth of the ancient Sainte-Odile spring. Its unique composition makes Avène Thermal Spring Water ideally suited for the care and management of sensitive skin. Over 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies on Avène Thermal Spring Water have been conducted by the Company and independent researchers to substantiate the skin soothing and anti-irritating benefits."

From their range I chose to get a gel wash and emulsion-lotion, I availed of Boots 3 for 2 on skincare offer and got 2 of the moisturisers. Since then I have purchased the toner, micellar water and another moisturiser as boots ran the 3 for 2 offer again and we all know how much I love a bargain. The prices range from €6-€45 depending on the products you purchase, all of the products I have used have been between around €15.

When I have tried out the other products for a longer period of time I will do a full review of all the products in my skincare routine but for now I want to say that using the combination of the face wash and moisturiser pictured above has reall helped with my skin, I do still get some hormonal break outs on my chin, but other than that have not had any problems worth complaining about and love how the products feel on my skin.

Have you tried Avene products before? Whats your go to skin care range?

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Garnier Gel Moisturiser

Hey Guys,

So coming into the winter months our skin starts to dry out, especially due to the heating in our houses. It is so important not to leave our skin unattended, just because its hidden under our winter woolies most of the time. I of course like to use the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser  most of the time, but on the days when I don't shower (shock horror, I've admitted to not showering daily :O) then I need to use a body lotion.

I use the term lotion lightly, as I have always had an aversion to the creamy texture they have, making it horrible during summer months, with sun-cream application! I don't know what it is, I just feel tacky and slimy and I son't like the feeling on my hands. It is for this reason I was so excited to see Garnier had a gel-cream product which claimed to be "absorbed instantly".

I first bought this last year and was amazed when the claim of instant absorption was true. This made it perfect for lashing on my legs just as I would run out the door, leaving a glow. I then moved on to using it all over, a first for me, due to my hate of creams.

I have very dry skin on my legs and arms and this works wonders, leaving my skin health and nourished while not leaving my air-drying for minutes on end. I use the one for dry and sensitive skin which has a beautiful peach scent that lingers oh so slightly, improving the experience of using the product without interfering with your usual fragrance routine.

All in all I give this product a major thumbs up and at €6.19 for 400ml, it wont break the bank. You might even get lucky and get it cheaper as in my local Shaws Department store it is half off, all the time!

Whats your favorite winter time skin booster? Have you tried this?

Thank you for reading :)

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